Clinical applications for the iDTECTTM Dx test

PathoQuest is currently focusing on the clinical utilization of a blood-based version of the iDTECT Dx test for immunocompromised patients with suspected infections with a specific interest in patients  who are neutropenic. This includes:

  • patients with blood malignancies (e.g. leukemia) undergoing induction therapy or stem cell transplantation
  • cancer patients with solid tumors being treated with myelosuppressive drugs
  • solid organ transplant recipients on immunosuppressive drugs

PathoQuest is currently exporting the development of additional potential clinical applications for the Company’s blood-based test.

What other clinical applications does PathoQuest plan to develop the iDTECT Dx Test for?

Microorganisms are responsible for infections not only in blood but also in other body tissues and fluids. Since the iDTECT Dx test is based on the analysis of a pathogen’s DNA or RNA, its location in the body does not limit the ability the test’s ability to identify a causative organism. Since a medical needs exists, PathoQuest is currently exploring the development of its sample processing method in order to accurately and efficiently enable the identification of pathogens from other biological sample types in addition to blood.

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