A  new approach to pathogen identification


The iDTECTTM Dx Blood test is a new approach to the identification of pathogens. The test, which is the first IVD CE Marked metagenomic test using next generation sequencing (NGS) to identification microorganisms responsible for infections in patients, was originally developed at the renowned Institut Pasteur, by worldwide experts in the domain of infectious diseases.

  • The iDTECT Dx test utilizes advanced metagenomic methods to identify bacteria and viruses in blood samples from patients.
  • Using proprietary methods developed by PathoQuest, blood samples are prepared and then analyzed using the latest next-generation sequencing technology to identify genomic sequences of pathogens which may be present in a patient’s blood.
  • Genomic sequences identified are then compared to a comprehensive and curated database PathoQuest has developed which contains genomics sequences from over 1,200 bacteria and viruses. The company works with experts in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases to regularly update the database and determine clinicallyrelevant pathogens which should be included in this database.
  • A report identifying any pathogens present in the blood sample is provided to microbiologists and physicians to assist them to determine the most appropriate treatment approach.

The iDTECT Dx Test is performed in 3 steps:

How is the iDTECT Dx Blood Test different from conventional testing methodologies?

The iDTECT Dx Blood test differs from conventional testing methodologies because it does not require a lab to “grow” the microorganisms, and does not require microbiologists and clinicians to preselect which bacteria or viruses they want to test for.

The iDTECT Dx test can identify DNA and RNA sequences from bacteria and viruses present in only small quantities in blood samples and also utilizes a non-targeted approach to the identification of pathogens.

What are the potential clinical benefits of the iDTECT Dx Blood Test?


  • The iDTECT Blood Test is designed to improve the ability and frequency to identify pathogens responsible for infections, especially in immunocompromised patients, potentially enabling clinicians the better ability to identify and utilize targeted antibiotic therapies and avoid overutilization and extended use of broad spectrum antibiotics.

Below is a short video (in French with English subtitles) extracted from a story and associated interview focusing on iDTECT Blood which was recently broadcasted on French channel C8 (CANAL+) as a part of their “Innovation in Healthcare” programming. 

  • The test is also intended to help reduced the use of inappropriate and ineffective broad spectrum antibiotic therapies in order to potentially help improve antibiotic stewardship and aid in reducing the risk of antibiotic related complications, the development of antibiotic resistance which can contribute to sub-optimal patients outcomes and increased the cost of care.

Contact PathoQuest if you would like more information about the iDTECT Dx Blood test or if you are a laboratory interested in partnering with PathoQuest in order to offer the iDTECT Dx Blood test to your patients.