Meet Our Leadership Team
PathoQuest’s management team has significant experience and expertise in in vitro diagnostics, for the development, validation and commercialization of metagenomic solutions for the identification of pathogens.
Jean-Francois Brepson - President and CEO
Jean-François Brepson has over 20 years leadership experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Prior to joining PathoQuest, Mr. Brepson was a Senior Vice-President at IPSEN where he was responsible for leading the global GI-Oncology & Endocrinology Franchise. He made a decisive contribution to the creation of leading portfolio in Neuro-Endocrine Tumors in close collaboration with R&D and Business Development teams. He led the pre-launch of IPSEN first product in GI-Oncology on a worldwide basis. Prior to this, Mr. Brepson held several commercial operations positions at IPSEN including area Manager, BU Head, and General Manager in the EMEA region. Mr. Brepson has an Engineering Degree in Data Management System and a Master Degree in Foreign Trade. He has also earned  “The Leadership & Innovation Certificate”  for HEC in Paris and “The Blue Ocean Strategy Certificate” from INSEAD in Fontainebleau.
Pascale Beurdeley, Ph.D. - Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Pascale Beurdeley has 18 years experience in the biotechnology industry. Prior to joining PathoQuest, Dr. Beurdeley held several positions at DiaxonHit (formerly ExonHit Therapeutics) with increasing responsibilities from Group Leader R&D to Executive Director R&D, Genomics where she contributed to the development and the promotion of the company’s proprietary platform for the analysis of gene expression and alternative splicing. Dr. Beurdeley was also in charge of the implementation and the management of innovative R&D projects for both internal and collaborative programs in oncology and Alzheimer’s disease. She also acquired significant expertise in the conception and development of innovative diagnostic products in compliance with regulatory requirements. Prior to joining ExonHit Therapeutics, Dr. Beurdeley held a researcher position in the translational medicine department at the Curie Institute. Dr. Beurdeley is graduated from the University Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg) and holds a Ph.D in Molecular and Cell Biology. She completed her training as a post-doctoral fellow at Magainin Pharmaceuticals Inc, focusing on her interest in antimicrobial peptides.
Patrick Court - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Court held a number of CFO and COO positions in both operational and strategic roles. Most recently, from 2016 to 2019 he was CFO for Eveon, a medical device company, and Company Secretary for Arbiom, a green tech company. From 2012 to 2016 Mr. Court served as CFO and COO for Safe Orthopedics, a company which commercializes sterile implants and single-use instruments for spine surgery. During his tenure at Safe Orthopedics he also oversaw the management of the company’s U.S. subsidiary and supported two fundraising efforts. Prior to this Mr. Court was CFO for IntegraGen, a genomic services and molecular diagnostics company, joining the company in 2001 shortly after its inception. At IntegraGen he managed all financial, legal, governance, intellectual property and human resources aspects of the company, later also becoming responsible for managing the company’s operations (production, information systems). While at IntegraGen he was also responsible for the creation and management of the Company’s U.S. and German subsidiaries. Between 2001 to 2009 he supervised six fundraising efforts and also support the company’s IPO in 2010. Mr. Court’s roles and responsibilities have necessitated working with diverse groups of technicians, engineers and scientists. Previously, Mr. Court worked for fifteen years in the financial market sector, asset management and corporate insolvency and turnaround. Mr. Court  is a graduate of the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG) Business School and the ESCP-EAP European School of Management.

Stéphane Cruveiller, Ph.D. - Chief Technology Information Officer
Dr. Stéphane Cruveiller has 20 years of experience in the field of bioinformatics applied to genomics and is (co-)author of nearly 70 publications. Prior to joining PathoQuest, Dr. Cruveiller was Team Leader at the François Jacob Institute of Biology – Genoscope of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) at the Laboratory of Bioinformatics Analyses for Genomics and Metabolism (LABGeM). He has conducted custom analytical developments to support the scientific community’s efforts to annotate newly sequenced microbial genomes. Dr. Cruveiller’s experience in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data mining has led him to provide academic and industrial partners innovative services and tools for variant calling and differential gene expression analyses. Dr. Cruveiller has also recently managed national microbial metagenomics projects in France. Dr. Cruveiller graduated from University Paris VII and holds a Ph.D. in Genome Analysis and Molecular Modeling. He completed his post-doctoral training at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples, Italy where he contributed to important discoveries on the structure, organization and evolution of the vertebrate genome.
Christine Dangles - Chief Human Resources and Facility Officer

Ms. Christine Dangles joined PathoQuest in 2017. Her professional experiences prior to joining the company includes responsibilities for executive level management, employee training and development, organizational development and employee relations. She has worked across a diverse range of industries, including the pharmaceutical and food industry, and also has experience with logistics, commercial and real estate activities. As a facilitator and business motivator, Ms. Dangles is a “people oriented” individual who strives to assist other to discovery their capabilities. Her human relations skills include assisting with the resolution of issues and conflicts, in part by being an empathetic listener and a sounding board. Ms. Dangles has significant international insight and understanding of diversity based on spending 15 years abroad including time in Russia (Russian language fluency), the United States, and South America. For the past 5 years she has also worked as a part of a team of educators helping adults and children with learning disabilities. Ms. Dangles has a degree in Business Administration and Management and is a certified professional coach from the Haute Ecole de Coaching (Paris).

Laurent Lafferrère, Ph.D. - Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Laurent Lafferrère has over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, in CMC divisions, including 10 years experience in executive management.

Prior to joining PathoQuest, Dr. Lafferrère was in charge of the SEQENS Lab R&D Center at SEQENS. He led the restarting from scratch in 2017 of the R&D center delivering services for Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical advanced specialties markets. He created an Ecosystem with CROs and innovation biotechnologies in order to deliver integrated services for creating more value to pharma clients.
Prior to the above, Dr. Lafferrère held Managing Director position at COVANCE, a CRO, where he changed a former R&D cost center (Sanofi) to a profit center (Covance) He led the development of business lines such as CMC and Preclinical studies in compliance with regulatory requirements, respectively GMP and GLP.
Dr. Lafferrère held several positions in the pharmaceutical industries such as SANOFI and SERVIER in CMC divisions.
Dr. Lafferrère holds a PhD. in Chemical Engineering and Physico-chemistry from the University of Marseille. He completed his post-doctoral training at RHODIA with LAGEP in Lyon, where a part of his works has been patented. More recently, he obtained an Executive MBA degree at HEC Paris with a major in Differentiation and Innovation through services.

Violaine Mélen, PharmD, Chief Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Officer

Violaine Mélen has over 12 years of experience in Regulatory Affairs, Risk Management, Quality Assurance and Clinical Affairs within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Most recently, Ms. Mélen was responsible for implementing risk management at Bio-Rad Laboratories, with a specific focus on infectious disease, to ensure compliance with regulations and standards for in-vitro diagnostic devices. As a part of her responsibilities, she developed an “overall risk management system approach” for Bio-Rad in-vitro diagnostic devices focusing on the interface between reagents, software, and hardware. Subsequent to the above, Ms. Mélen assumed additional responsibilities for vigilance-related activities at Bio-Rad, working closely with various health authorities. Prior to the above, Ms. Mélen worked for Air Liquide Healthcare where she was a Regulatory Affairs Specialist with responsibilities for the registration of medicinal gases in Europe and a Medico Marketing Specialist in Spain where she led post-marketing clinical studies for pain management. Previous to the above, Ms. Mélen was a Quality Control Manager at PANPHARMA where she managed the Control Laboratory for microbiological and analytical chemistry activities to ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Ms. Mélen has a Pharmacy degree from Paris Descartes University with Analytical Chemistry specialty and has also received Master’s Degrees in Quality Assurance Management for IV-DM and Biotechnology from the University of Angers.