Our facility integrates a state-of-the-art GLP graded bioLab and the latest sequencing technology with our advanced bioinformatics platform

Our Expertise:

Greater Detection for Better Decisions

Our Service:

Customized, Fast, Reliable, Cost-effective. A fully integrated service from sample to actionable report

  • Quick turnaround time & competitively priced
  • First site in France to receive the GLP certificate for advanced, Next Generation Sequencing viral safety testing
  • Non-hypothesis driven testing
  • Robust and powerful bioinformatics tools
  • Ability to identify a broad range of viruses, including still unknown viruses
  • Big data and metagenomics easily manageable (automated BioIt pipeline)

Our BioLab:

  • 500m2 laboratory facility located onsite at PathoQuest’s headquarters in the Paris Biopark.
  • Includes a Biosafety Level 2 Lab with separate dedicated rooms for pre-amplication, post-amplication, and sequencing.
  • Lab is equipped with the latest next generation sequencing technologies from Illumina (NextSeq 500 and MiSeq Systems) and Oxford Nanopore (MinION).
  • Setup and workflow designed to prevent contamination, insure sample security, and achieve Pharmaceutical Industry standards.

Our BioInformatics Pipeline:

  • Onsite local server with an additional private grid computing server located near Paris in a Tier 4 highly secured facility.
  • Computational capabilities up to 1,000 CPUs with 8TB of memory, >40TB for storage, and >200TB for long term storage.
  • Dedicated customer portal which provides customer with access to their data via a secured, password protected system.
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